Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Powerpoint: the good, the bad, the ugly

We have used powerpoint twice in class so far, and like almost everything there are benefits as well as down falls. The first time we used powerpoint was to show Mr. smith what it was that we knew when it came to powerpoint. He asked us to tell him a little bit about ourselves to help him and the rest of the class get to know us. We were to use as many of the features powerpoint has to offer that we knew how to use. The second time we used powerpoint the assignment was to pick a grade level and subject then we had to pick two standards that our lesson would cover and create a powerpoint as a tool to assist us in teaching our lesson. We also had to create a way to asses what the students would learn from our lesson.
The benefits of powerpoint:
-Its easy to learn and use
- you can make them interactive
- a very simple way to introduce someone to technology who isnt used to technology

The downfalls of powerpoint:
-People who use powerpoint tend to make them a little on the overboard side with the information they use it can be distracting if you have paragraphs after paragraphs of information.
-the color schemes can be to distracting or hard to read
- even though powerpoint has many features you are limited to what it is you can do with powerpoint.

What do you find to be a benefit or downfall in powerpoint?


  1. I agree that some people go overboard. PowerPoint is not a place to write paragraphs, that's why they make textbooks. When used properly, it is very helpful about getting the most important information across.

  2. I think the interact powerpoints are great. Especially the ones where you print out a worksheet missing words so students have to pay attention to all of the slides to fill in the answers!

  3. I think powerpoints are beneficial if and only if you understand how to use them and not all focused on lecture. If the student has involvement in the powerpoint they will have more interest.

  4. I find it to be a downfall when they always seem to not work when you need it to. This always seems to happen to me.

  5. keep on using power point, exploiting the benefits and minimizing weaknesses

  6. I agree with your observations of Powerpoint. Hope we are able to do this lesson in class!

  7. Power Point can be great when used properly :)

  8. power points are harder to make a good one then people think